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Come and discover your oasis. It has never been easier to take a break from stress and the harmful factors that surround you every day!

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Back Massage

Back Massage means many things to many people and our highly dedicated fully qualified massively experienced team can help.

Maybe you have had a hard days exercise walking, jogging, paddling, rowing or climbing. You may have a chronic backache or a deep troubling knot in your back. Or maybe you just want to melt away the tensions and the stresses of the day.

We can tailor a back massage to ease away the pain and leave you ready to start again. You are in control with our back massages  

Thai Massage

Our Thai Massage can be adapted to your specific needs and preferences in discussion with our experienced Thai therapists with the aim of giving you the maximum possible relaxation.

Our Thai massage therapists have an intuitive sense and feeling to know where to apply pressure and for how long to press, gained through years of experience, ultimately encouraging the flow of energy around the body.


We don’t have a quick manicure because we believe in perfection. 

We don’t save seconds by using burrs or grinders we to rip your cuticles away rather we gently massage and trim and shape them.

We clean away your old product for as long as it takes and then cut shape and file your nails to the shape you want before applying the treatments of your choice. We only use the best Gell Shellac and OPI  polish

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    We are a family run unisex beauticians in Pitlochry, Scotland who offer a range of high quality  treatments from head to toe to relax your mind and body including massages, manicures, pedicures and more.