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Mon - Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Thai Massage various region by region our Thai Massage can be adapted to your specific needs and preferences in discussion with our therapists with the aim of giving you the maximum possible relaxation.

One can never create authenticity it simply is present or not. Two of our staff Isara and Tip were born in Thailand and both were trained in Thailand. They then worked in resort hotels in Thailand for far more years than we are allowed to tell. suffice to say the experience is beyond sublime and you are highly unlikely to still be awake by its end.

Our Thai massage therapists have an intuitive sense and feeling to know where to apply pressure and for how long to press, aiming to release muscular tension and stretch out tight muscles, ultimately encouraging the flow of energy around the body.

When therapists use their body weight to release stress and tension from within the muscles it works deeper and is more focused. Therapists combine leverage and balance of their own body weight to apply more or to ease off, ensuring they use the correct pressure on each client.

Working around the joints, releasing tension and encouraging movement occurs before stretching of the limbs. Through working on the meridian lines and joints, it warms up the body physically and emotionally enabling maximum benefit from the stretching.